Custom Orders

As much as we at Beyond Point Apparel are trying to to come up with designs that express our customers in a stylish and unique way, there will always be that unique flare that you as the customer may want to add to one of our items of clothing.

If you feel like this is you, please get in contact with us with your ideas. We would love to help you create your dream piece of apparel for your wardrobe.


All custom orders will have a unique, custom price attached to them. There will be a one off cost of creating the new design, and then a separate cost for the actual shirt and print itself.

If you already have a design in a digital format that is good quality and can be transferred straight to the shirt, the one off cost for the design may be reduced. 

Everything regarding cost will be discussed with you, the customer, and a written acceptance and understanding of these costs will need to be submitted to us first.

Any design given to us by you the customer will be regarded as your personal art and we will not mass produce or offer it to our other customers without your consent first. 

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