Our Story

As a young lad, I've always loved simple art. The stuff that doesn't have complex designs, or super vibrant and out there color schemes. I spent a lot of my time drawing and sketching very simplistic dragons and sometimes even adding a small amount of color to them. So a lot of beyond points designs follow this simplistic idea, creating an easy picture to look at.

Whilst I loved drawing, and occasionally picking up a colored pencil, my interest in metaphors and motivational lines peaked over time. Due to the harsh nature of the world we live in today, I became very attached and invested in lines that really brought untold stories into picture. The type of sentences that explain a million emotions in just a few short words. Our designs try to say the words that some of us cant bring together ourselves, with the hope that they help convey peoples feelings without the stress of saying them.

This love for design and motivational/inspirational lines drew me to creating Beyond Point Apparel. We hope that our designs help people through the hard times and point people in a direction of self improvement, eventually taking them beyond the person they want to be and becoming someone greater. So I thank everyone who supports my journey into entrepreneurship and commit myself to helping you as the customer, express yourself.